Original illustration exhibitions for hire

Mud & Magic – The Art of Ann James
The exhibition celebrates Ann James’ 30 plus year career illustrating picture books. Featuring I`m A Dirty Dinosaur written by Janeen Brian and published by Penguin Books.
Beginning with A Pet for Mrs Arbuckle, Ann’s first book in 1981, the exhibition presents Illustrations and background process from many books including A Pet for Mrs Arbuckle, The Penny Pollard series`, Lucy Goosey, Sadie and Ratz, The Butterfly, Shutting the Chooks In, The Way I Love You, It`s a Miroocool!, Bird & Bear, A Quacky Christmas and Goodbye House Hello House. These demonstrate Ann`s playful approach to making pictures with a variety of mediums and techniques.
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The Many Story Treehouse
This exhibition celebrates Terry Denton’s illustrations from the phenomenal Treehouse series written by Andy Griffiths. Terry’s original illustrations, sketches and layouts reveal the development of crazy ideas, characters and stories for The Treehouse series. In 2011 Andy and Terry started a new series that has captivated audiences across the country, smashed sales records and won industry awards. The first book is this series was The 13-storey Treehouse.
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The Hush Treasure Book Exhibition
This exhibition features all the original art created for The Hush Treasure Book, an absorbing collection of poems, pictures and stories created by a stellar cast including Kevin Burgemeestre, Danny Katz & Mitch Vane; Bob Graham; Shaun Tan; Alison Lester; Julie Vivas & Margaret Wild; Paul Seden & Karen Briggs, and Jackie French.
It includes the preliminary sketches, developmental work and the final published art in all its forms by 20 of Australia`s best-loved illustrators.
The Hush Treasure Book was especially commissioned by the Hush Music Foundation, famous for its original music albums used in hospitals all around the world.
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