More about Andrew

For over 30 years Books Illustrated has celebrated and exhibited Andrew McLean’s books and illustrations – three standouts are Hector and Maggie, Oh, Kipper! and My Dog – surprisingly all featuring dogs!

A painter’s painter and skilful draftsman is just half the story of Andrew McLean, picture book illustrator. As collaborator in telling story, most famously with his wife Janet, Andrew’s skill as a visual author, throughout his long career, has received many literary awards, the great respect of his peers, and the love of his readers.  He invents characters, builds settings and creates the atmosphere and emotion, for each of the many and diverse stories he has visualised, in a way few artists are able. He brings them to life referencing memories and experiences of his own, using details, colours and viewpoints unique and right for each particular story.

Many of the books he has illustrated are considered modern classics, many of these were created with Janet. ‘The ideas for our stories have come from things that have happened to us as a family – on holiday, at home, our pets, our friends.’

A classic in the making is, To the Bridge, The Journey of Lennie and Ginger Mick, written by Corinne Fenton and published by Walker Books. Andrew explains his creative process of illustrating this remarkable and true story in Stories About Stories in the Inspiration section.