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Mark Hearld
Ann Haddon and Ann James share an inspirational York adventure:
Our first introduction to Mark Hearld’s art and illustration was through a short video. Then we ordered Mark Hearld’s Work Book. In April 2014 we knew we’d be briefly in northern England so we gingerly got in touch. Miraculously, generously, Mark and his partner, illustrator Emily Sutton, invited us to visit their home in York. On a very small footprint of land, with five levels and, in the cellar, a heritage listed ancient Roman tomb below ground. We had a fascinating, inspiring and unforgettable time spent with them. Our photos here speak for us – walls papered with Mark’s own design and every surface, vertical or horizontal, holding brilliant things collected and created by them both. Emily’s studio is at the top of the stairs and Mark’s on the ground floor. Both artists work so differently and their home reflects them perfectly.

Quentin Blake’s official website:

A fascinating and moving short video of one of Quentin Blake’s recent projects:

Quentin Blake
Illustrator Ann James shares an important source of inspiration:
‘I loved Quentin Blake’s illustrations first when I came across McBroom’s Wonderful One-Acre Farm by Sid Fleischman in The Little Bookroom in maybe 1972-ish. Jess introduced me to many more in the library she created from scratch at Yarra Valley School in Ringwood. Quentin is very well represented on my studio shelves. In 2003 we met Quentin at a conference in Cambridge. Since then have visited The House of Illustration at Kings Cross whenever in London – Quentin’s archive is the foundation of this vibrant gallery. His generosity and passion at its heart. Throughout his long life, he’s been creating surprising stories through drawings – this video is one moving example. He’s a great writer too… Here are just some of the books he’s created that inspire me. If you can’t find them, I’m happy to share mine!!’